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Networker | Communicator | Enthusiast for cars and driving. Hello! My name's Ben.


I recently graduated from the University of Tennessee with a Bachelors of Science in Communication & Information. I am working toward my career end goal of becoming a digital media marketing director for an OEM brand or racing team. However, currently I am applying for the necessary positions to acquire the experience I will need along my career journey to achieve this goal. 


Over the past several years I have been working hard toward this because I am eager to play a significant role in bringing automotive passion to life. What drives me every morning when I get out of bed is the desire to motivate people. It's a determination to impact individuals’ lives through the performance car industry while simultaneously helping the industry stick to its roots that inspires me to inspire others: putting the thrill of driving and the feeling of unlimited opportunity into the hands of every one. 


By accomplishing my top bucket list item by age 21--having my work published in the No.1 automotive magazine in the country, Car and Driver--I realized that with enough motivation and with the right connections I can accomplish any goals I have in life. 

You can learn more about my experience and accomplishments via my résumé linked below.


Leadership experience

Secretary and Mentor

2016 - 2018

November 2016 was the beginning of my responsibilities as secretary for DriveUT. This is a university funded club of automotive enthusiasts who enjoy getting together to talk cars. Many members, including myself, participate in and are active members of SCCA solo autocross competitions here in the East Tennessee Region. As secretary I was in charge of posting reminders regarding meets and other events on the Facebook page, as well as assisting the president and vice president with anything they may need. Also, I actively take and post photos to help promote the club on social media.  Currently I serve as a mentor for the new club executive board.  Serving on the executive committee for DriveUT has been a highly rewarding leadership experience that has offered so many opportunities to network with businesses in the greater Knoxville area as well as with fellow students.


2016 -2017

In August of 2016 I volunteered to be historian for the University of Tennessee's Gamma Beta Phi chapter. Gamma Beta Phi is an honor and service society where students in excellent academic standing are chosen to go above and beyond in order to help the surrounding community. Each semester we, the executive board, plan multiple volunteer opportunities, group socials, and chapter meetings for our fellow GBP members. As historian, my responsibilities include being chapter photographer/videographer, being head of the corresponding committee, managing each member's volunteer hours, and meeting with the executive board multiple times a month.


2013 - 2014

Throughout my junior year of high school I served as an elder on the session at New Providence Presbyterian Church in my hometown of Maryville, TN. My responsibilities included attending monthly board meetings, being an usher during services, and seldom announcing news to the congregation.